‘A Life Unknown’

A Radio Drama written by Rachel Schouten

On the day of her mother’s death, Penny discovers her husband’s dark secret, the catalyst for a long-overdue change in her life.

Their daughter, Melody, seemingly indifferent to her parents’ drama, is fighting her own battles. She thinks everyone dislikes and judges her, but not as much as she does herself.

When Melody finds her dead grandmother’s diaries, depicting her secret, twenty-year-long affair with a Spanish farmer, instead of tearing their family further apart, it finally brings mothers and daughters back together.

A bittersweet story about identity, grief and betrayal, and how each ripples through three generations of one family.


  • Penny – Early 40s. Successful Romance Writer. Unhappily married. Sexually and emotionally oppressed.  A bit ditsy but generous and kindhearted. Unaware of her own personal strengths (CAST – GB)
  • Melody – Late teens. Working in an office apprenticeship scheme. Unhappy with her body image. Openly gay (unbeknownst to her family). Tense relationship with both parents. Victim of online bullying.
  • Sandra – Mid 60s. Successful Academic. Fierce liberal feminist. Has been having a secret affair for over twenty years with a farm owner in Spain. Tense relationship with daughter and granddaughter.

    * The above need to have neutral British accents for consistency.


  • Therapist – Mid 40s. Female. Has a patient, but slightly condescending tone. Tends to seek psychological meaning where there is none. The gravel incident is an example of this. (CAST – AB)
  • Ben – Mid 60s. Retired solicitor. Kind and loyal family man. Enjoys the simple things in life, such as golf and gardening.
  • Carl – Late 40s/Early 50s. Conservative. Successful solicitor. Controlling. However, despite his uptight demeanor, he does love his family.
  • Phoebe – Late teens. Melody’s best friend. A confident and stereo-typical teenage girl.
  • Matias – Early 40s. Spanish Male. Hot tempered and passionate.


  • Cyclist – 20s. Male. Commuter with an angry and short-tempered disposition.
  • Narinder – 50s. Indian Male. Kind family man.
  • Howard – Mid/late 30s. Solicitor. Flamboyant.
  • Boss – Early 60s. Accountant. Calm and kind.
  • Shop Woman – Late 50s. Friendly and motherly character.
  • Girl One/ Female Voice One – Late teens/ Early twenties. Cutting and unkind.
  • Girl Two – Late teens/ Early twenties. Cutting and unkind.
  • Male Voice – Late teens/ Early twenties. Cutting and unkind.
  • Airport PA – Mid 20s or over. Male/Female.

Please email tellingstoriesradio@gmail.com, indicating what part you are interested in and we will send you information on how to send in your voice audition.


Exact dates and times will be announced when casting has been completed, and artists’ availability have been discussed and coordinated.

*Please note: This project currently has no funding, so opportunities are unpaid. However, it will be publicised and broadcast on a local radio station in the autumn, and all artists will be credited. A profile page will also be created for head-shots and short-bios.